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Can electric cars be modified?


Can electric cars be modified?

Car modification is one of the modern terms in the automotive world and simply symbolizes a change in the design or mechanics of the vehicle with the aim of improving its exterior or interior appearance or increasing its engine power and so on.

The above was about fuel cars and internal combustion

but what about electric cars?

Can it be modified and changed from its shape and strength? Well, you're not the only one with these questions in mind.

We've had a lot of questions about the possibility of modifying electric vehicles from outside or mechanically. In turn, as one of the leading blogs in the automotive industry, we've tried to answer as many questions as possible about it. Read on.

Is it possible to modify electric vehicles?

Generally speaking

The possibility of supplying or modifying electric vehicles is present, both exterior and performance, provided that the correct method is followed.

Taking into account the sensitivity of some parts of an electric vehicle that may stand in the way of modifying the vehicle, for example, an electric vehicle battery that is not recommended to be tampered with due to the significant risks involved

It also applies to the car's computer.

It should be noted that some car agencies remove vehicles that are trespassed or tampered with their parts from warranty and warranty.

Electric Car Engine Sound

  • Some wonder about the possibility of
  • modifying the electric vehicle and raising its sound
  • and here it can be said that this is not possible
  • because the electric vehicle has the sound of
  • its engine, which is almost non-existent

and unlike conventional cars that result from fuel combustion in its engines, especially sports ones.

Electric Vehicle Height Off the Ground


in the discussion of whether electric vehicles can be modified, we talk about the height of the car from the ground, and can it be lowered or lifted like sports cars? The answer is simply yes, the car can be lifted or reduced by installing long or short aids as desired

Taking into account the dynamic of the car's air that

if changed

may affect the extent of the vehicle's battery as it becomes more exposed to air.

We note here that Tesla Model3 is a long-range electric vehicle based on a low suspension system that gives it an aesthetic look and increases its cohesion on the ground.

Electric vehicles can be modified

After making sure electric vehicles can be supplied, the question remains what types of cars can be altered? For example, there are Tesla, Porsche, Mercedes and Honda cars as well as BMW

Which may be the most modified car I've made in the past

Some of the above-mentioned companies' special models receive considerable attention in the subject of electric vehicle modification.

What's the difference between modifying electric cars

and conventional automobile engines?

Perhaps the main difference in modifying cars with conventional and electric engines

It is possible to modify the sound of the car

  • and amplify the sound of the vehicle's engine giving
  • the driver a mathematical feeling; In electric engines
  • it may be a little more complicated

but when comparing the rest of what can be modified in cars, as mentioned at the beginning of the article about the possibility of supplying an electric car and modifying it as regular cars, both in terms of shape and performance, there may be some minor differences, but this can be done.

What are the main challenges facing

the possibility of modifying electric vehicles?

One of the most difficult challenges to the possibility of modifying electric vehicles is obtaining an amendment certificate that conforms to the applicable regulations and STVZO

(Road Vehicle Approval Regulation);

  1. Those wishing to transfer
  2. or modify vehicles must
  3. be carried out by a specialist.

Here we finish our article

on the possibility of modifying electric vehicles which we answered the question of can you modify an electric car especially after it has spread and used it greatly and highlighted how to modify electric cars and parts that can be modified and the challenges that can be encountered while modifying electric cars