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Hyundai's creeping car makes impossible possible


Hyundai's creeping car makes impossible possible

Innovation and the creation of new

different and performing vehicles has become a necessity for success in the automotive world, so Hyundai has introduced the Hyundai Walking Car Concept with the Hyundai logo to be a very different car from its previous release and the market's innovations.

Hyundai's creepy car is able to walk, crawl, walk on various off-road routes, even roads that an SUV cannot walk on, such as war sites, collapses and natural disasters.

The Hyundai crawler car has dazzled us vigorously, and we want to impress you with us in our article about the design, performance and features of the Hyundai crawler car and its exotic capabilities.

The idea behind Hyundai's crawling car

The basic question that Hyundai asked before building the Hyundai crawler was

"What would a car look like if it could walk?

Would anyone benefit from it?

" To start making the car then in collaboration with many start-ups and medium enterprises, including the design company Sundberg-Ferar, which oversaw the design of the car.

The first model of Hyundai's new creeping car was launched in 2019

At the CES World Expo, which organizes annual events for the latest technological innovations that can change the world, this is precisely the goal of Korean Hyundai to make its car capable of walking and crawling

The car can easily climb the stairs and winding heights, making the ride more inclusive for individuals in various environmental locations that a normal car cannot access.

As for the label

There's more than a name for the new car, but it's all connected to the car's functionality and its ability to crawl and walk. The first name was Hyundai's crawling car and during the design and construction process the company used the name "Elevate", which means upgrading in Arabic, which is why you can call it Hyundai Elevate or Creepy.

Smart Design

The design team of the new Hyundai Ellivette took inspiration from the locusts and if you look at it, you will find it insect-like in terms of cabin and based on four long, long legs.

When we mention that she is able to walk in every sense

  • creativity lies in design and giving legs the ability to turn around
  • and Hyundai prides itself on making

Hyundai also added moving wheels to the end of the menus so that the new Hyundai Ellifite can walk as any normal car at different speeds

Moving lists have the ability to circumvent six degrees freely and flexibly.

Moving lists in Hyundai's crawling car not only serve to walk

crawl and wrap

  • they can jump over pits or walk over water
  • and water pools of medium depth.
  • Attention to detail and exterior design shows that

Hyundai has sought to build a car that challenges various difficulties and obstacles on the road for its belief in car exploitation to provide maximum freedom of movement.

You may be surprised by the information but one of Hyundai's most important facts is its early interest in electric and hybrid cars and has proven to be a great success in this field, as the crawler car is powered by electricity and charging.

Flexible Driving Modes

We complete Hyundai's crawling car specifications with you and now move to the activable driving modes of the new electric vehicle. Since the suspension system is one of the most important systems in the car

Hyundai comes with two systems:

 the first suspension system gives the car the ability to drive like any other car and reliance on wheels for movement. With the second suspension, Hyundai's new crawling vehicle is activated to run on unpaved and uneven roads to become more flexible in jumping, moving, navigating and crawling on unexpected roads.

As for movement modes in Hyundai's crawling car

there are two types of movement:

Reptile Mode:

Moving lists stretch sideways so they can walk at a lower height and greater stability on the ground

Mammal mode:

Moving lists stretch back and forth to make the walking mode faster and the car rises higher

Areas of use for Hyundai Crawler

Hyundai's crawling car offers convenience, mobility and mobility to many individuals with spinal and muscular ailments thanks to the car's ability to literally climb up the stairs and get to the door of the house.

It also helps people of determination get out of their homes and ride to experience seeing places that are difficult for them to see in traditional cars, such as taking safaris, climbing mountains and highlands, and enjoying off-road car trips.

Have you ever seen natural disasters

building collapses and the devastating effects of war?

Unfortunately, it is difficult for ambulances to enter these locations.

This reduces the chances of survival of individuals who are stuck or physically affected, but Hyundai has provided the perfect solution for transporting patients and reaching the most difficult and dangerous places thanks to a Hyundai walking vehicle that saves time and effort in rescue operations.

Freedom can be experienced individually or collectively

But they are always an integral part of a common cultural experience.

Accordingly, people will always need to travel and move around, but the same way of moving is in a lasting evolution. A range of environmental, social and financial factors also influence the way humanity views mobility

Hyundai recognizes that it needs to anticipate and meet these demands in order to keep pace with the evolution of the automotive market and begins with the possibility of diversifying the vehicle by profession and differing the concept of a personal vehicle from a provider's.

Tiger X Hyundai Autonomous Vehicle

Hyundai's launch of a creeping car was not the only innovation of its kind, but Hyundai also made a small self-driving SUV named Tiger - Tiger.

It is part of Hyundai's smart solutions for the transformed vehicle industry. Hyundai also considers Tiger X1 a smart robot and a vehicle simultaneously for its ability to reach unexpected places and new routes that are inaccessible in regular cars.

In addition

items and luggage can be carried on the Hyundai Tiger X vehicle and the company looks forward to revolutionizing the world of future deliveries, shipments and items.

The reason why we mentioned the Tiger X robot in our talk about Hyundai's crawling car is because it agrees to Hyundai's vision of developing smart and electric mobility solutions that fit the requirements of the times and lives we live. Cars and robots will make us experience the world in a new way we have never seen before.